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[Pyatcron-devel-list] Requirements document on the CVS server

Subject: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Requirements document on the CVS server
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:28:11 +0100


I've uploaded on our Savannah CVS server the first draft of the requirements
documents. There is still no discussion on how to do what, I'm currently
simply listing all the third party softwares that address@hidden will have to 
This document is written using DocBook. Feel free to send me any questions
on this format (do not use the devel list, it is not dedicated for this

But let me present here how I see the address@hidden process flow.

Consider a normal user launching the software to plan a new task:

1. software intialization
2. check if crontab for user exists
  -no, go to step 3
  -yes, open it and parse task entries
     -for each task, initialize a "Task" entry and link it into the UI list
3. check if there is any pending "at" command
  -no, go to step 4
     - parse each of them, initialize a "Task" entry and link it to the UI

4. Let the user perform changes on the task entries and wait for him to
apply changes
5. When user applay changes
  - drop old crontab entries (using crontab -r or something alike)
  - rebuild a temporary crontab file
  - activate this temp crontab with the crontab command
  - flush the pending at commands and reset the one entered by the user
6. Exit software.

This is a first draft, but sounds good I think. Let me know.


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