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RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Requirements document on the CVS server

From: Childers, Matthew
Subject: RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Requirements document on the CVS server
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:26:10 -0600

> All,
> I've uploaded on our Savannah CVS server the first draft of the
> requirements
> documents. There is still no discussion on how to do what, I'm
> simply listing all the third party softwares that address@hidden will have
> deal
> with.
> This document is written using DocBook. Feel free to send me any
> on this format (do not use the devel list, it is not dedicated for
> purpose).

Like you brought up in your document, we also need to have a way to deal
with the predefined variables in cron.  How should we handle this in the
UI, maybe a preferences window?

> But let me present here how I see the address@hidden process flow.
> Consider a normal user launching the software to plan a new task:
> 1. software intialization
> 2. check if crontab for user exists
>   -no, go to step 3
>   -yes, open it and parse task entries
>      -for each task, initialize a "Task" entry and link it into the UI
> list
> 3. check if there is any pending "at" command
>   -no, go to step 4
>   -yes
>      - parse each of them, initialize a "Task" entry and link it to
the UI
> list
> 4. Let the user perform changes on the task entries and wait for him
> apply changes
> 5. When user applay changes
>   - drop old crontab entries (using crontab -r or something alike)
>   - rebuild a temporary crontab file
>   - activate this temp crontab with the crontab command
>   - flush the pending at commands and reset the one entered by the
> 6. Exit software.

This looks good.

> This is a first draft, but sounds good I think. Let me know.
> Xavier
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