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Re: [Partysip-dev] New version of partysip

From: René Janssen
Subject: Re: [Partysip-dev] New version of partysip
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:49:36 +0100
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I tried to compile this under VC6++ but the dsp's arent updated yet.
changed psp_req.c into psp_request.c and removed the uap* files.
However I am not able to compile sfp_fsm2 or sfp_fsm . complains about ppl_dns_ip_t in ppl_dns.h

René Janssen

Aymeric Moizard wrote:

An non-offical version of partysip is available in the CVS
in a new branch called "branch_2_1_X".

This new version is improving partysip a lot:
* fix some latency issue.
* increase preformance.
* remove imp & uap module/plugins.
* complete rewrite of the sfp module to handle evrythin with a finite
 state machine.

The modification makes partysip much more readable. (the state machine
is defined in sfp.c). This way, new features are much more easy to
develop and merge in the code.

Thanks to clarity, the code has been reduced and a new functionnality
is already available: partysip is now able to either fork (the old
mandatory behavior) or start transactions sequentially. The functionnality
is actually used only by the ls_localdb plugin (with a new configuration
parameter) and is available when a user register with several phones
at the same time.

This behavior is more interesting for implementing new feature like
"call forward on busy": a plugin add several possible location (order
is important) and select the mode (either fork or sequential routing).

I hope to get some feedback on this new version.
Let me know if partysip is not compiling on some platforms. (windows
makefiles are not updated!)


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