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[Pan-users] A Couple UI questions

From: Andrew
Subject: [Pan-users] A Couple UI questions
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 08:49:19 -0400

Hi, list. 

When browsing the header list in Pan with the up/down arrow keys, the
message view pane doesn't load the currently-selected message. I'm not
sure why -- it does when using ctrl-N/P. I would also like to map
leftarrow/rightarrow to collapse/expand thread, but I see no way to do

I usually set my newsreader to cache all new messages. In Pan, if I set
preferences->actions->cache articles scoring at.... to [only new], it
does cache articles as I enter each group, but it also marks them all
read, which is not what I want. Not sure what's going on there. 

Pan version is .136. Any thoughts?


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