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Re: [Pan-devel] Re: Re: Building PAN on Windows

From: Charles Kerr
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Re: Re: Building PAN on Windows
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 17:11:25 -0600
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Duncan wrote:

Charles had sunk a good deal of effort into making PAN run on MS, and if
I'm empathizing correctly, must be pretty disappointed in how difficult it
has been to keep a working GTK+2 on MS, thus, how hard it has remained to
get and keep a usable PAN on the platform.

Yes, it's so hard to keep the Windows build in sync with the flurry of Linux releases. ;)

If someone else wants to make Windows builds, that's great. I would suggest, though, that we stop using the dropline installer and instead play nice with the GIMP's Windows GTK+ installer, which is the de facto standard now.


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