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Re: [Pan-devel] Re: Building PAN on Windows

From: Charles Kerr
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Re: Building PAN on Windows
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 17:01:11 -0600
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DPA wrote:
Well I wish I could say that I was successful but I have been unable to
compile libxml2...  I walked away from it for a few days out of
frustration but I will pick it back up sometime this weekend.

If my hack results in the behavior you describe I will dig into it and
see if I can produce a patch to resolve it, but I hope I don't have to
try!  My unused Comp Sci education is 10 years old so any patch I make
could be very ugly ;-)

As for running it on Windows I run it on my primary machine under linux,
but I would like to get a Windows version working for a friend who wants
a good client but the non-CVS version hangs for him when he visits many
of the larger binary groups.  Right now he is running Agent but he would
like to use PAN and this is an interesting Challenge for me.  If I do
manage to get it done and if Charles doesn't mind I will host the
installer somewhere for people to download if they want to test the CVS
version on Windows.

No, I don't mind -- lots of people have been asking for an update of the Windows version. In fact if you get it working I'd be happy to host it on rebelbase. :) should be helpful to anyone wanting to build Pan on Windows. It's essentially a list of the steps I've gone through in building in the past.

I never could get libxml2 2.6.3 or higher to work, so my Windows builds stuck with 2.6.2. If it makes you feel better, the libxml2 dependency is going away RSN.


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