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Re: [Oroborus-user] desktop management woes?

From: Kristian Rink
Subject: Re: [Oroborus-user] desktop management woes?
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 08:55:18 +0100
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Hi Stefan, @list;

Stefan Pfetzing schrieb:
>> at first, being new around here: Hello, I'm Kris. :) Is this list still
>> alive?
> yes think so :)

Good to know that. I was afraid the project and everything related to it
might have been abandoned...

> Maybe you could check if you did set the shortcuts for moving windows
> around right or maybe there is some other program interfering with the
> shortcuts.

I did, and it's _rather_ strange, even more than before. Being somehow
used to that, I bound CTRL-Fn to switch to desktop n and CTRL-SHIFT-Fn
to move the window currently in focus to desktop n. So far, so good. It
works well, _most_ of the time, but sometimes somehow using CTRL-Fn
switches to the wrong desktop... Like right now: I can go to desktop 1
to 7 using CTRL-F1 ... CTRL-F7. Using CTRL-F8 in order to switch to
desktop 8 ends up on desktop 1 for no obvious reason. Sometimes it is
right this way for a while, sometimes after a few switches it works
again the way it is supposed to. This is a bizarre error, and so far I'm
missing any way of reproducing it. I'll try another panel today in order
to ensure there aren't any interferences with the fbpanel.... Strange. :o


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