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[Oroborus-user] desktop management woes?

From: Kristian Rink
Subject: [Oroborus-user] desktop management woes?
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 15:03:12 +0100
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Hi all;

at first, being new around here: Hello, I'm Kris. :) Is this list still

Anyhow, some weeks ago I decided moving away from GNOME, XFCE and all
the DEs in order to create a slim, working desktop, so I ended up using
the oroborus/deskmenu/keylaunch threepiece together with fbpanel,
overally having a pretty lean yet good-looking environment. However,
lately I've experienced some strange effects regarding virtual desktops:
Sometimes, application seem to "move" between virtual desktops without
any real reason. That's when suddenly firefox (according to the pager)
is at desktop 5 and it also appears within the task bar when switching
to desktop 5, but there's no firefox program window on desktop 5 (which
is the way it should because it was initially working on desktop 6,
where it still is). However, on desktop 6 there's just the firefox
window but no sign of its existence according to pager and task bar.

Sounds weird, doesn't it? It's hard to explain the real problem in
itself, and I'm not yet sure whether oroborus or fbpanel is to blame for
this behavior. Can someone give me a hint on what's going on here? I'm
running debian-unstable...

Thanks and bye,

Kristian Rink *  http://zimmer428.net * jab: address@hidden
icq: 48874445 *  fon: ++49 176 2447 2771

"Be yourself the kind of change you want to see in this world." (Gandhi)

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