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Re: [Oroborus-user] desktop management woes?

From: Stefan Pfetzing
Subject: Re: [Oroborus-user] desktop management woes?
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 19:56:20 +0100

Hi Kris,

Am 29.11.2005 um 15:03 schrieb Kristian Rink:

at first, being new around here: Hello, I'm Kris. :) Is this list still

yes think so :)


Sounds weird, doesn't it? It's hard to explain the real problem in
itself, and I'm not yet sure whether oroborus or fbpanel is to blame for
this behavior. Can someone give me a hint on what's going on here? I'm
running debian-unstable...

Well I never heared of such a behaviour nor did I see such problems my own. But I'm currently not using fbpanel. I'm running Oroborus with Gnome.

Maybe you could check if you did set the shortcuts for moving windows around right or maybe there is some other program interfering with the shortcuts.



Oroborus and Debian GNU/Linux Developer.

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