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Re: RC1 Candidate

From: Rik
Subject: Re: RC1 Candidate
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 18:17:40 -0800

On 01/27/2019 06:11 AM, "Markus Mützel" wrote:
> Am 26. Januar 2019 um 16:25 Uhr schrieb "Rik":
>> The first release candidate for Octave version 5.1 is available at
>> ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/octave/.
>> I've tried it on my vanilla Linux system (./configure, make) and building
>> is just fine.  Running 'make check' passes with no failed tests.
>> Please download and experiment on other systems.
> Will there be official Windows installers for the release candidate?

jwe makes the release candidates.  I assume he will make an MXE version of


> Markus

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