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Re: RC1 Candidate

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: RC1 Candidate
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 19:40:33 +0900 (JST)


>>  Am 28. Januar 2019 um 11:07 Uhr schrieb "tmacchant":
>>>    I have built windows w64-64 binary using mxe-octave. 
>>>   I tried to execute octave by octave.vbs, the application error 
> (0xc000007b)
>>>   appeared.
> <http://octave.1599824.n4.nabble.com/file/t131361/ApplicationError.png> 
>>>   (Sorry for Japanese message.)
>>>   However, octave-cli.exe starts up normally.
>>>   But this lacks some required environmental settings so that I cannot 
> fully
>>>   execute __run_test_suite__.
>>>   Have anyone else tried windows build?
>>  This might be due to mis-matched libraries for 32bit and 64bit.
>>  Did you use a clean MXE Octave?
>>  Markus
> This time I used a new directory "mxe-octave-stable" at cloning 
> repository
> and all dependencies were freshly constructed.
> Tatsuro

I used the flag

./configure --enable-devel-tools --enable-octave=stable 
--enable-binary-packages --enable-64 --enable-fortran-int64


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