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Re: RC1 Candidate

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: RC1 Candidate
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 14:16:32 +0100

Am 28. Januar 2019 um 22:32 Uhr schrieb "Markus Mützel"
> I will try to test on a system with HiDPI monitor and for a user name 
> containing non-ASCII characters within the next few days.

GUI and figures scale mainly correctly on a HiDPI monitor on Windows 10 for me. 
Also moving the windows from the main HiDPI monitor to a second monitor with 
standard DPI and back scales mainly correctly.
What I noticed so far:
The text in the drop down lists with the current directory seems to shrink 
slightly when I move the GUI from the HiDPI monitor to the normal one.
The results of "demo uitable 1" are correctly displayed on the HiDPI monitor. 
On the second monitor with standard DPI, the table is rendered too large (see 
the attached screenshots).

I do not see the warning dialog on startup and don't see any failing tests on 
this PC:

  PASS                            15478
  FAIL                                0
  XFAIL (reported bug)               25
  SKIP (missing feature)             52
  SKIP (run-time condition)          31


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