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Re: [Nel] Trouble with block memory allocator

From: Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Subject: Re: [Nel] Trouble with block memory allocator
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:07:01 +0100

After a small talk with Lionel,

This hack has been done to save speed and memory.

Speed : the CSTLBlockAllocator allocates most of the time in o(1) (ok, like 
STLPort allocator for size < 128 bytes, but we didn't
knew that at this time). The CSTLBlockAllocator doesn't use a mutex. Perhaps, 
this explain the small speed gain.

Memory granularity : I'm not sure of this fact, but i think the STLPort small 
block granularity is 8 bytes. We use the
CSTLBlockAllocator to allocate pointers of 4 bytes.


> Hi 02,
> Basically, I just create a .dsp .dsw, compiles your program (changing
> printf by nlinfo ;) and here the result in release mode:
> INF 1732: list_std  : 4690239 op/sec (4950000 op)
> INF 1732: list_block: 6494437 op/sec (4950000 op)
> I let the programmer of this class to reply more your email ;)
> Vianney Lecroart

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