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[Nel] Max4 plugin fixes

From: Vincent Caron
Subject: [Nel] Max4 plugin fixes
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 20:43:38 +0200
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Today is dedicated to Max4 vicious bugs due to slight API change (both interface and behaviour). The first two patches were already submitted on this ML on 08/08 but not applied, Ace requesting that we wait for Hulud's come back.

My current status is : succesfull patch export ('snowballs zones.max') as .zone files with VC7, STLport 4.5 and Max4.2.
    'align:left' -> 'align:#left'
It fixes Max4 warnings on startup, but I don't know if it's still compatible with Max3.
    Removed auto_ptr<> usage where it's forbidden
It basically replace the auto_ptr<CArrayElement<T>> by a CArrayElement<T>*, and provides a destructor to cleanup any allocated arrays. For more info see
(section 'Unsupported STL code').
In nel_patch_lib/nel_patch_mesh.cpp, it turns out that mapFaces(channel) (line 2676) won't return the mapping faces until the channel was 'activated' by setMapSupport(channel) (line 2431 in the patch). Took me a long time to figure this one, it's not stated as mandatory in the multimap doc of MaxSDK 4.2.
In nel_patch_lib/rpo2nel.cpp, edges are Tab<> (Max's own kind of vector), and only the defined one are alloated. It was painful to trace Max's assert back to its origin, anyone has this pb ?


GNU patch for Windows:  (59 KB)

To apply :
  $ cd code
  $ patch -p0 < patchfile.patch

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