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[Nel] landscapes, geometry and characters...

From: Frederick Desimpel
Subject: [Nel] landscapes, geometry and characters...
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 03:20:34 +0200

hello, i' ve found the various tools now, i must have overlooked the 3D/tools directory...
i've got much more information to go trough now, but it would be nice if someone could give an overview on the contentcreation of a NeL project.
I'm setting up a game project with a friend, of wich you'l definitely hear later. we're still buidling the team and such, it would be our first project, but we're confident in it.
We're looking into the NeL engine/library, since this is one of the first of its kind for MMOGS. To get acqainted with it we first want to be able to put some of our own content in snowwballs, maybe altering it to become our testbed for our gamedesign...
So, an overview of the gamedata directory and how the main workflow goed would be great to get us going.
Oh, and i have another quick question, our game really would need dynamic landscapes. we've thought on various techniques, one more exotic then the other, but we might look into creating a springbased system now...would it be possible to get to the patchcontrol points ingame? or are the zone patches 'compiled' into meshdata ? And I don't see if it would be possible to get landscapes moving as a whole, since zones have welldefined coordinates. Any help / thoughts ?
regards, Cyberdigitus

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