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[Nel] landscapes, geometry and characters...

From: Frederick Desimpel
Subject: [Nel] landscapes, geometry and characters...
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 19:57:22 +0200

hello, this is my first entry on the list. I have a lot of questions here...

I'm looking on how to model for the nel engine. I've browsed the archives a
bit, and understand the proces a bit, but it seems that the tools (max
plugins and postprocess utilitys) are not on cvs (web) anymore? have the
names changed or something?

Can someone give a look on the workflow to create the zones? I found one,
but it seems a bit old, since some tools are not used anymore.

I haven't found a lot of info on what you call .shapes, what kind of
geometry/modifiers can you use in max? Will there be any Max 5 support?
(lightmaps etc) Are interiors just plain geometry?

And then how do you tackle animation? Do you use character studio, or can
you use your own Max4 bone rig / skin modifier setup ?
I haven't found any info on animation yet... what is exported? keyinfo? the
bonesystem itself?

Thanks for helping me out,

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