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Re: [Nel] Landscapes without 3DSMax

From: Markus Ewald
Subject: Re: [Nel] Landscapes without 3DSMax
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 13:02:07 +0100

Tony Hoyt schrieb:

> Paul Siegel wrote:
> >
> > Hi everyone -
> >
> > I'm wondering if there's a way to build landscapes without 3D Studio Max.
> > That's some pricey software just to do level editing.  Is anything
> > available, or being worked on?  Or am I going to have to learn how to
> > rewrite the max plugins for Blender?
>   Blender is my choice as well for a good free alternative 3d editor.
> I'm not sure how you make plug-in's for Blender other then with python
> but if you can do it, I wish you all the best of luck. I think the
> problem with doing a port is that if your not able to see the original
> in action or see what library calls it's makeing, etc.  It's going to be
> rough going.  But if your serious about it, I'm willing to give a hand
> although I don't have 3D Studio Max as well.

There's also a free landscape modeller at

It was once commercial and its interface is very much like that of 3dsmax.
The author discontinued the project and made it available for free, but it's
still worth a look. You can use standard algorithms (perlin, etc.) for
landscape generation, create mountains and craters or just paint with the
raise/lower-tool. Realtime 3D-display just like 3dsmax as well.

>   Tony


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