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Re[2]: [Nel] Landscapes without 3DSMax

From: Dim Segebart
Subject: Re[2]: [Nel] Landscapes without 3DSMax
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 12:49:30 +0100

And more:

Saturday, December 15, 2001, 1:02:07 PM, you wrote:

ME> Tony Hoyt schrieb:

>> Paul Siegel wrote:
>> >
>> > Hi everyone -
>> >
>> > I'm wondering if there's a way to build landscapes without 3D Studio Max.
>> > That's some pricey software just to do level editing.  Is anything
>> > available, or being worked on?  Or am I going to have to learn how to
>> > rewrite the max plugins for Blender?
>>   Blender is my choice as well for a good free alternative 3d editor.
>> I'm not sure how you make plug-in's for Blender other then with python
>> but if you can do it, I wish you all the best of luck. I think the
>> problem with doing a port is that if your not able to see the original
>> in action or see what library calls it's makeing, etc.  It's going to be
>> rough going.  But if your serious about it, I'm willing to give a hand
>> although I don't have 3D Studio Max as well.

ME> There's also a free landscape modeller at

ME> It was once commercial and its interface is very much like that of 3dsmax.
ME> The author discontinued the project and made it available for free, but it's
ME> still worth a look. You can use standard algorithms (perlin, etc.) for
ME> landscape generation, create mountains and craters or just paint with the
ME> raise/lower-tool. Realtime 3D-display just like 3dsmax as well.

>>   Tony

ME> -Markus-

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