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[Nel] server architecture (front end, load balancing, login service, ...

From: Nicolas Hognon
Subject: [Nel] server architecture (front end, load balancing, login service, ....)
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 20:11:43 +0100

Hello ....

I've got a little question about the architecture of the server side.
If I don't make mistake a shard is composed of N front ends and behind
front ends there is some computers running different services.
And some where there is a login service (one per shard or one for all shard

Clients communicate with one front end of a shard.

But how clients are balanced between the N front ends of a shard ?
It will be done by a generic load balancer (hardware)
or a specific service from NEL ?

The source code of the load balancer and the front end are delivered with

If there a description of all NEL services ?
what is the welcome service ?

sorry for all this questions ....

Nicolas Hognon

Virtools - The Behavior Company
Tel. (+33) 1 42 71 46 86 / Fax. (+33) 1 42 71 86 53

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