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Re: [Nano-devel] dropping an anchor at a place where wants to return

From: David Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] dropping an anchor at a place where wants to return
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 16:50:23 -0600

Benno Schulenberg:
> You and Marco are capable enough to make a bookmark feature, but in
> the past years neither of you has made anything like it.

Marco hasn't been around here that long compared to me, and I've been
busy with other things (some coding, mostly real life).  And while it's
true that I haven't used it before, it would be a more efficient way to
do what I've currently been doing in a less efficient way, just as with,
say, the executable command history.

As for what being busy has to do with anything, see below.

> So I doubt that you really have any need for bookmarks.

And now I'm through being diplomatic.

I'd have more time to code features like this (when I have coding time,
which is less often lately, which is why the only major rewrite I have
pending is undoable justify, and I would really appreciate it if other
people could help test it) if I didn't have to deal with a bunch of
coding nits caused by new code or newly rewritten code, some of which
are admittedly mine, but many of which lately are your doing.  All these
things like rearranging shortcuts for cosmetic purposes, which breaks
key interpretation in the help viewer and/or file browser; adding
support for keycodes without necessarily adding support for their escape
sequences as well, which breaks modified key support on the BSDs and/or
elsewhere; etc.

As I said before when we were unsuccessfully trying to hash out the
256-color support, *DO NOT* tell me what I mean (which includes not
telling me what I really need, and not telling me what I'm really
thinking).  By your own logic, and as shown by the majority of the code
you've contributed, you're capable enough to add a whole lot of features
and/or fix a lot of bugs, but you haven't done a lot of the more complex
ones in the past few years (as shown by some of the years-old entries in
the bug and patch trackers).  Am I to assume that you don't really need
any of those features added, or those bugs fixed, because you haven't
gotten to them yet?

I've been focusing on more of the old problems than the new just to
finally get them fixed, because no one else seems to be working on them.
I've worked more on undoable mass indent/unindent. alternative
spell-check, and justify so that all major functions are at last
undoable, which should have been the case years ago.  Undo is an
important feature, and, frankly, it makes the project look bad to have
it be incomplete for this long.  So if I haven't done much with
bookmarks, it's because I've been prioritizing, aside from when I get
inspired on more minor issues; you'll note that the other patches I've
proposed haven't involved entirely new features or massive rewrites of
existing ones.

> I proposed the (single) anchoring mechanism because I observed what I
> actually do now and then.


> But as we can't agree on the mechanism, I'll let it be.  I'll carry a
> local patch and see if I will actually start to use the anchor.
> Updated patch is coming up.

Fine.  Although I still say having one key do both a jump and a clear
will cause usability issues down the line; if the feature goes in that
way, I probably won't use it that often, even if you do.

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