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Re: [Monotone-debian] Unit test failures while building monotone 0.36-1

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: [Monotone-debian] Unit test failures while building monotone 0.36-1
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:52:02 -0700

On 8/22/07, Ludovic Brenta <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi, I was planning to upload 0.36 at long last tonight.  Following
> Zack's instructions, I unpacked the release tarball, applied the diff
> from n.v.m.debian-diff, and called dpkg-buildpackage.  4 unit tests
> failed, as detailed below.

I was just looking into whether this would work, myself.  I do not see
any of the failures you are seeing.  I am getting a failure under
pbuilder due to an incorrect assumption in
tests/invalid_--root_settings/ that the build directory is not a
subdirectory of /tmp, but the fix for that is trivial.

Failure of test 97 has an obvious cause: that test assumes patch(1) is
available.  The others I don't know, except that a failure at line -1
usually indicates a Lua parse error, which is very strange indeed.  I
can look at what's going wrong but I need to see the the tester.log
files for the failed tests (will be found in the build directory,
tester_dir/$test/tester.log for all such tests - or if it's easier,
just tar up the entire tester_dir and put it somewhere downloadable).
(FYI, those are all Lua tests, not unit tests.)

However, before you do that, I'd appreciate it if you could pull the
updates I just pushed to nvm.debian-diff and rebuild.  They should
correct test 97, they do correct the aforementioned
invalid_--root_settings failure, they incorporate a non-kluge fix for
#384565 [specifically, bumping the build-deps on boost to 1.34.1-2
which I believe to have fixed it for us ;-)], and they also correct a
silly packaging error (nvm.debian-diff never got merged from the
actual release tag).  The rev you want is
565e5e9b94744378943083d3de0dec613ca4278a.  I'm attaching the .diff.gz
I got, for convenience.

It is worth mentioning that we didn't run the test suite at all in
previous releases, and monotone is presently uninstallable in
unstable, so even if you do still see failures I would suggest going
ahead and uploading and seeing what the buildbots make of it.


p.s.  I am on vacation and don't have access to my PGP keys.

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