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Re: [monit] First steps and 'not' keyword

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: [monit] First steps and 'not' keyword
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 02:10:45 +0200

On 16. sep. 2009, at 01.48, Alan AZZERA wrote:

It may be that your version of Monit does not support 'not' in that context. I'm using Monit 5.0.3 and the above statement works fine with the newest

In fact, I tested Monit once, a good big year ago, and it used to work
with version 4.4. So I'm quite surprised...

In that case I probably remember it wrong and it should work. Another explanation is that Monit has problems with the email address and the parser just wrongly reports an error for 'not'. I seem to recall that previous versions of Monit did not allow '.' in the email address before the @ sign.

So instead of using '' try using 'myemail' and see if that helps.

I found in my old notes the syntax "set alert address@hidden but not on { instance, changed }". Seems that de changed event has vanished too. Or did I dream ?

The 'changed' event has gone in Monit 5.0.x.

If you can, please try to upgrade. Monit 5.0.3 is in Debian test if that

Thanks, but I'll always do my best to go on with the current stable
release ;-) !

Stable and stable, its petrified.

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