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Re: [monit] First steps and 'not' keyword

From: Alan AZZERA
Subject: Re: [monit] First steps and 'not' keyword
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 01:48:57 +0200

> It may be that your version of Monit does not support 'not' in that context.
> I'm using Monit 5.0.3 and the above statement works fine with the newest
> version.

In fact, I tested Monit once, a good big year ago, and it used to work
with version 4.4. So I'm quite surprised... I found in my old notes
the syntax "set alert address@hidden but not on { instance, changed }".
Seems that de changed event has vanished too. Or did I dream ?

> If you can, please try to upgrade. Monit 5.0.3 is in Debian test if that
> helps.

Thanks, but I'll always do my best to go on with the current stable
release ;-) !



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