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Re: [monit] First steps and 'not' keyword

From: Alan AZZERA
Subject: Re: [monit] First steps and 'not' keyword
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 11:21:50 +0200

First, thanks for replying so fast !

> In that case I probably remember it wrong and it should work. Another
> explanation is that Monit has problems with  the email address and the
> parser just wrongly reports an error for 'not'. I seem to recall that
> previous versions of Monit did not allow '.' in the email address before the
> @ sign.
> So instead of using '' try using 'myemail' and see if that helps.

In fact, my email address is already in the latter form.
"address@hidden" was not an accurate pattern, just a generic one.

> The 'changed' event has gone in Monit 5.0.x.

OK. I suppose it's not needed anymore ?

> Stable and stable, its petrified.

You're certainly right, but I'm afraid I have not enough time to keep
a testing up-to-date...



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