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Re: monit -g xxxx start

From: Jonathan Wheeler
Subject: Re: monit -g xxxx start
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 21:03:26 +1200
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Martin Pala wrote:

> As described in the documentation, the 'start' argument requires
> either the service name or parameter 'all'.
> Example:
> monit -g node1 start all
> ---
> start all
>    Start all services listed in the control file and
>    enable monitoring for them. If the group option is
>    set, only start and enable monitoring of services in
>    the named group.
> start name
>    Start the named service and enable monitoring for
>    it. The name is a service entry name from the
>    monitrc file.
> Martin

My mistake, thanks.

Any chance an error message quoting the above could be printed out when
someone makes the same mistake I did?

"monit: invalid argument -- start  (-h will show valid arguments)" isn't
very intuative.


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