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New user with several major monit problems

From: Jonathan Wheeler
Subject: New user with several major monit problems
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 01:47:59 +1200
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Hi All,

I've spent a full day on this now, with two different servers, so either
I'm really useless, or there is in fact a big problem here.

1st and most major problem.
"monit -g node1 stop all" kills every process on the system, not just
the services in the node1 group, nor even the services described in the
monitrc file... no no, it kills EVERYTHING, even the local console
session on the machine is kicked out, along with monit itself!

This happens with monit running as a standalone daemon, or directly from
init. I've tried this on two completely different machines, one debian,
and one gentoo, with versions 4.5.1 and 4.5.

2nd, and related problem.
Groups don't work.
monit -g weeelookat me start, or monit -g abcdefg -V, give exactly the
same results as monit without -g. monit -g node1 status, is also the
same as monit status.
Most annoyingly, for my cluster monit -g node1 stop all (as taken
directly from your documentation) kills the *entire* server (see problem 1)

3rd issue.
Dependencies, it would appear that monit won't wait in between
dependencies. In my case I have it set to start drbd, followed by mount,
and finally starting nfs.
When I issue an monit start nfs, it attempts to start all 3 services in
the space of 1 second, which of course fails horribly as each takes a
little while to start up.
After about 3 'laps' it'll normally have everything running, but this is
a big problem when used in tandem with a HA cluster.

I'm sorry to just arrive here with a list of gripes, I believe very much
in monit, and my eye's positively lit up when I read about all the
things it can do. I very much want to get this implemented and working
on my systems, so please don't misinterpret my intentions as someone
just here for a whinge.
I do appear to need some rather radical help however, so suggestions and
comments very much welcomed.


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