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Re: New user with several major monit problems

From: Jonathan Wheeler
Subject: Re: New user with several major monit problems
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 23:02:34 +1200
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Martin Pala wrote:

> Jonathan Wheeler wrote:
>> Most annoyingly, for my cluster monit -g node1 stop all (as taken
>> directly from your documentation) kills the *entire* server (see
>> problem 1)
> Yet one thing - the described node shutdown sounds me like some
> watchdog driven shutdown - do you use heartbeat's watchdog capability
> or some other external check which is able to panic the node?
No I don't, nothing fancy at all yet :)

Any thoughts on how I might troubleshoot this further? Syslog is killed
itself, so I don't have any information in the logs at all. Local
console is also booted out, so even sitting in front of the server
doesn't help.


> Martin
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