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Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: Translation of MapOSMatic to Spanish

From: Jean-Guilhem Cailton
Subject: Re: [Maposmatic-dev] Re: Translation of MapOSMatic to Spanish
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 22:02:25 +0100
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Jean-Guilhem Cailton a écrit :
Maxime Petazzoni a écrit :

* Maxime Petazzoni <address@hidden> [2010-03-12 22:28:37]:

Thanks, this is awesome. I'll see about integrating this to MapOSMatic
over the week-end.

As promised, I've integrated your translations and deployed them on I did a test rendering on Algarrobo in Chile,
the map and index are in Spanish[1].

It looks like we're missing a few prefixes though (Paseo? Pje? Puerto?
Av?). If you have some time, could you make a few renderings of
cities in Spanish speaking countries (Spain, Chile, etc) and report us
what's not right in the indexes?

Thanks again for your amazing work on the Spanish translation. Once we
get the prefixes for Spanish streets, we'll be able to deploy this new
language in production for Chile users!

- Maxime

Hi Maxime,

Thanks for your quick integration.

Paseo = Promenade      (I try to translate into English, although it does look like French :) )
Pje (Pasaje) = Passage

(Puerto means Harbor, but here I think it should be kept as "Puerto", as it it applied to streets that apparently have the name of cities)

Av = Ave (Avenida) = Avenue

Please, Sebastian, Julio, correct me if I am wrong.

I think this should be it for Algarrobo. I am now going to look at other cities.



Here are more prefixes.

First, a remark on the supplied translation, in the first page Inicio / Introduccion
"que le permite de generar" sounds a bit strange to me. Wouldn't "que le permite generar" (without "de") be better ? Sebastian, Julio ?

I looked at indexes (and sometimes maps) for :
- Talcahuano, Penco y Lirquén, Concepcion, Santiago centro (Chile)
- Girona, Barcelona centro (in Catalan), Sevilla centro, Madrid centro (Espana)
- Rosario, Buenos Aires centro (Argentina)
- Tijuana, Mexico City (parte) (Mexico)
- La Paz (Bolivia)
- Bogota (parte) (Colombia)

(still finding new prefixes in the last ones, so there are probably more in other countries / cities).

Here are my notes. Hoping they make sense, and that this free form can be used (as explained in IRC, I don't know how to expand a .pot file).


Pj (Pasaje) (appears only once, maybe a typo) = Passage
Psj. = Pasj. (1) = Pasaje = Passage
paseo (once, typo ? en Madrid) = Paseo = Promenade
Pl = Pl. = Plz = Plz. = Plaza = Square

Av = Av. = Ave = Avda = Avda. = Avenida = Avenue
C = C. = Calle = Street
Diag = Diag. = Diagonal (?) = Diagonal

Puente = Bridge
Pasarela = Runway

Salida (?) = Exit

Glorieta = Roundabout

Travesía = Travesia = Passage, Crossing

Cjon = Cjon. = Callejón = Alley, Passage, Lane

Parque (?) = Park

Cda = Cda. = ??? (Ciudad de México) (couldn't this be the same as Calzada, below ? I think so)

Calz. = Calzada = Roadway, Pavement ("Chaussée" in French) (Ciudad de México)

Priv. = Privada = Private street (?) ("Voie privée" in French) (Ciudad de México)

Prol. ? (Ciudad de México)

Ret. =? Rt. = rt. =? Retorno = Return ?  (Ciudad de México)

Cr =? Cra = Cra. =?? Crr (once) =? Crrera (1, likely typo) =? Carrera (Bogota) = Line ? (sometimes also named avenue, sometimes looks like a (little) street)

CL = ??? (Bogota) (calle ???)
Cll ? = CLL ? = calle (I think) (Bogota)

Dg = DG = DG- =? Diag. = Diagonal

K =? KR = ??? (Bogota)

TV = TV- =? Trv =? Transversal = Transversal (Bogota)

I confirm that Puerto should NOT be removed, it is really part of the name (eg Calle del Puerto de... etc. en Madrid)

Catalan (Barcelona)

Baixada = Descent
Passatge = Passage

(is a translation really needed, or just a special treatment ?)

Passeig = Passage ?
Ptge. (Passatge ?) = Passage
Rambla = Rambla ! :)


Best wishes,


PS : Also, a couple of notes on the user interface, since I kind of got familiar with it: :)

When the requested area is too large, afterwards:
- the map is zoomed out one level compared to what was requested. So one has to click at least twice on "+" to get hopefully a smaller area, (maybe an automatic zoom in was intended, which would make more sense ? Imho, it is probably better to let the user choose the area to zoom in on, anyway).
- when this happens, the localisation value (pull down menu) is lost, and needs to be entered again.

PS2: Maxime, just seeing your emails. I think I understood the purpose of prefixes (alphabetical order).

I am not sure though that I agree on your choice not to treat short prefixes like the long ones. You are certainly right that in the long run OSM data should be fixed. Yet, I have just seen so many short forms, in so many different places, that it is certainly going to take a long time, training, advocating, convincing many contributors, fixing, etc... to get long forms everywhere.

It is certainly much easier and more efficient to add the short prefixes as well. That is, if you want to have good looking indexes, in alphabetical order also for Av, and Ave, for example. (Maybe not those that are used only once then, I noted that).

My understanding of OSM process is more of progressive improvement, accepting thankfully what beginning contributors enter spontaneously, and building on it, than compliance to strict rules (which would deter many to start contributing). But this is starting to look like what seems to be the main debate on OSM lists, so I'll stop right here. :) (only, offering to send you a quote from SteveC, from his blog article "OpenStreetMap, the best map", if you are interested).

I gave you my opinion, but I'll respect your choice for MapOSMatic.

Bien cordialement,


PS 3: Please DO NOT add Puerto to the special prefixes. As I tried to explain, it is part of the name of the streets, like Volcan, or Rio, or General, pr Villa etc... It is NOT, everywhere I have looked, a common name to mean Harbour. (I understand these are not entered as streets in OSM).

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