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Re: GNU make 3.81beta4 released

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: GNU make 3.81beta4 released
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 18:31:10 +0200

> From: "Markus Mauhart" <address@hidden>
> Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:22:23 +0100
> "Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> wrote ...
> >
> > FWIW, I think Markus's changes are too skewed towards building from
> > CVS.
> My suggested changes for README.cvs are "skewed towards building from CVS"
> ... but what else should they be ?

I was talking about the changes to README.W32.  Sorry if that wasn't

> > It is IMHO wrong to have README.W32 mention the CVS build except
> > with a single sentence which tells to look in README.cvs.
> This is exactly what I did.
> Or do you also mean the sentence about PACKAGE and VERSION ? Also without
> CVS I would list it amongst the most interesting parts of config.h.

I mean this part of your suggested patches:

    +1.  At the W32 command prompt execute ...

    -      This produces gnumake.exe in the current directory.
    +   if not exist config.h copy config.h.W32 config.h

    -To build with nmake:
    +    Then edit config.h to your liking (especially the few shell-related
    +    defines near the end, or HAVE_CASE_INSENSITIVE_FS which corresponds
    +    to './configure --enable-case-insensitive-file-system').

    -   1. Make sure cl.exe is in your %Path%. Example:
    +    Make sure that config.h contains proper definitions of PACKAGE and
    +    VERSION, like ...
    +   #define PACKAGE "make"
    +   #define VERSION "3.81.CVS.20051217"

> > I also don't quite get the importance of telling the users to copy
> > config.h.W32 by hand: both build_w32.bat and NMakefile already do that
> > automatically.
> But make_msvc_net2003.vcproj doesnt do it, hence README.W32 must tell it.

I'd rather add the necessary stuff to make_msvc_net2003.vcproj to copy
the file automatically.

> Additionally you yourself felt necessary to warn me in a previous posting:
> > Make sure you delete config.h before you do this, so that
> > build_w32.bat will copy config.h.W32 to config.h and use that.

That's because you created config.h with a different procedure, and I
told how to build it with the ``normal'' procedure.  In effect, that
required to undo your configuration.  You could have deleted config.h
instead of copying config.h.W32.

> IMHO with my suggested changes in README.W32[.template] this warning is
> no more necessary.

It is not necessary at all to warn about it, when people follow the
build procedure.

> I personally find it much more necessary that users
> first learn in README.W32 about creating and editing config.h than that
> the users which ignore README.W32 can execute successfully build_w32.bat
> and NMakefile whithout knowing what really happens.

We cannot teach the users everything we know.  Let's make their lives
easier where we can.

> > How close? should I stop working on the -jN issue on Windows?
> No :-)

You will see that I just posted the patches for that.

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