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Re: GNU make 3.81beta3 released

From: J. Grant
Subject: Re: GNU make 3.81beta3 released
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:31:03 +0100
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Hi Paul,

Yes, I _JUST_ realized this myself.  I tried using diff -w and got the
same results.

Very curious.  This is a bug in make; it's getting the command name
wrong somehow, for the MINGW port... yeah, this code is wrong:

  #ifdef WINDOWS32
        if (program == 0)
            /* Extract program from full path */
            int argv0_len;
            char *p = strrchr (argv[0], '\\');
            if (!p)
              p = argv[0];
            argv0_len = strlen(p);
            if (argv0_len > 4
                && streq (&p[argv0_len - 4], ".exe"))
                /* Remove .exe extension */
                p[argv0_len - 4] = '\0';
                /* Increment past the initial '\' */
                program = p + 1;

Let me look at this a minute.

I fixed this and posted a patch on 2 March 2005. Like my other patches it seems to have been skipped. The others I have been planning to re-submit when I have a moment. get a moment. Did my March email not arrive ...? I will forward it to the list again.

Kind regards

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