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RE: wrong link command called

From: Jonathan Baccash
Subject: RE: wrong link command called
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:49:22 -0800

> In other words, your problem is that you mix a Cygwin port of the
> shell with a non-Cygwin port of Make.  That way lies madness, so I
> suggest not to do that.  If you must, prepend "." to the value of
> PATH, which will cause Bash and Make to behave in the same way, as far
> as executable lookup is concerned.

Hmmm....  Prepending "." to the value of PATH doesn't work, I don't
understand why it would either.  So GNU make does not work with the bash
shell?  (This is in contrast to any experience I've ever had on any UNIX
platform.)  What shells do work?  :-|

I thought when I execute a $(shell ...) function or I have a command
that runs, that command is supposed to be run by the shell?  If that is
the case, this seems like a GNU make bug to me, because GNU make is not
spawning a shell, and the behavior is not equivalent to the behavior
when spawning a shell.



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