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wrong link command called

From: Jonathan Baccash
Subject: wrong link command called
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 19:08:17 -0800

I am using make 3.81 beta 2, with cygwin as my shell, and using the vc7 cl compiler.  If my makefile is:


my.exe: my.obj

            link /DEBUG $^ /OUT:$@


my.obj: my.cpp

            cl -c $< /Fo$@



            echo "#include <stdio.h>" >$@

            echo "int main() { printf(\"Running address@hidden"); }" >>$@


And I run “make”, I get:


echo "#include <stdio.h>" >my.cpp

echo "int main() { printf(\"Running my.cpp\"); }" >>my.cpp

cl -c my.cpp /Fomy.obj

Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 13.10.3077 for 80x86

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1984-2002. All rights reserved.



link /DEBUG my.obj /OUT:my.exe

link: extra operand `/OUT:my.exe'

Try `link --help' for more information.

C:\cygwin\bin\make.exe: *** [my.exe] Error 256


From my command shell, I try “which link” and I get /cygdrive/c/PF/MSVS2003/VC7/BIN/link, which is correct.  But there is another link program in C:/cygwin/bin, which is also where I have put make.exe, and this other link does something completely different.  The problem occurs in sub_proc.c line 330 the call to OpenFile().  According to MSDN library"">, the call looks in the directory where the application was loaded even before looking in PATH.  This is extremely weird, because if I change the command to require invocation of the shell, i.e. “which link && link /DEBUG $^ /OUT:$@”, makefile works as intended.


Is this a known issue?  Is this a bug, or is this the intended behavior?  I’m wondering why make doesn’t just always execute the shell?  Performance?  This might be difficult to fix otherwise – is the order of lookup for cmd.exe the same as for OpenFile?




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