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RE: sendmail m4 email dnsbl

From: Marc Roos
Subject: RE: sendmail m4 email dnsbl
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 22:50:45 +0200

> content of that configuration file needs to be.

Indeed, I cannot believe I am the first one in the world that wants to 
query a dnsbl for an email address with a m4 config. This is already 
widely used through the use of milters.
Someone most likely already have this, or someone with m4 experience 
should be able to change an existing ip dns blacklist config quickly.

With no (m4) experience, I will never be able to do this better than 
someone that does have this experience.

And since you are here, I think it was not such a bad idea to try and 
ask here ;)

>> Or maybe there is a repository of 'default' scripts?
>I have answered this question in comp.mail.sendmail newsgroup.

Just searched for it, could not find it.

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