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Re: sendmail m4 email dnsbl

From: Grant Taylor
Subject: Re: sendmail m4 email dnsbl
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 12:44:33 -0600
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On 6/22/20 10:21 AM, Marc Roos wrote:
Sorry for asking here, maybe it is totally out of place, but I am just getting nowhere with the sendmail people.

As one of the people responding to your messages in comp.mail.sendmail, I object to your statement.

I was wondering if someone has maybe a macro that checks email addresses against a dns blacklist or whitelist.

You are asking a Sendmail specific question. Sendmail's use of m4 is incidental and has nothing to do with the question that you are asking.

For all intents and purposes, sed or awk or perl or <pick your language> could be used in place of m4.

You are asking about how Sendmail does something and how you can make it do something else. This has nothing to do with m4 / awk / perl / etc.

Or maybe there is a repository of 'default' scripts?

I have answered this question in comp.mail.sendmail newsgroup.

The current dns whitelist I am using which is using ip addresses is

This is Sendmail's configuration file format and has nothing to do with m4.

I would like to parse the email address (or hash of it)

echo -n 'noemail@example.com' | sha1sum

m4 can make system calls do to that. But it won't help you. The only thing that m4 has to do with sendmail is building the configuration file that Sendmail parses and uses. You are asking question about what the content of that configuration file needs to be.

Grant. . . .
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