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sendmail m4 email dnsbl

From: Marc Roos
Subject: sendmail m4 email dnsbl
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 18:21:08 +0200

Sorry for asking here, maybe it is totally out of place, but I am just 
getting nowhere with the sendmail people. I was wondering if someone has 
maybe a macro that checks email addresses against a dns blacklist or 
whitelist. Or maybe there is a repository of 'default' scripts?

The current dns whitelist I am using which is using ip addresses is 

R$*                          $: $&{client_addr}
R::ffff:$-.$-.$-.$-          $: <?> $(host $4.$3.$2.$1._ARG_. $: 
NotFound $)
R$-.$-.$-.$-                 $: <?> $(host $4.$3.$2.$1._ARG_. $: 
NotFound $)
R<?>NotFound                 $: OKSOFAR
R<?>$+                       $@ <OK>

I would like to parse the email address (or hash of it)

echo -n 'noemail@example.com' | sha1sum

dig +short 1ffff7d2d2b7f100df95b70e659c88e5b38ec4e6.ebl.msbl.org

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