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Re: lynx-dev Loading images from "post" pages

From: Rubin R Aliev
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Loading images from "post" pages
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 102 16:00:58 -0400 (EDT)

> [ wrapping fixed ]
> > If this is correct, I wonder, what to do if a page is generated by a
> * "post" method, i.e. it cannot be reloaded correctly, or, if reloaded it
> * will contain different info/pictures. How lynx is supposed to handle this?
> > 
> The page display will look like separate downloads of the HTML and the image
> to the web site.  The only difference in the case you cite would be that
> there would be a longer delay between the HTML delivery and the image
> fetches, but the same would happen in a GUI browser with images off, if
> the user individually requested and image.  If it breaks for Lynx, they
> are using an excessively short lifetime for the temporary image files on
> the server, and they will probably break for GUI users in internet cafes
> in poorer countries, who cannot fetch the page contents fast enough.
> If the result of the POST is an image resource (unlikely on the real
> internet), Lynx will download a copy, then hand the copy to the viewer,
> I hope.

Thanks for the answer, but cannot agree that the situation is
"unlikely on the real internet".  A simple example: a page containing
quotes and an image of the real-time dynamics of a stock. The data
change continuously, if to reload image, it will be async with text

And also take into account that "post" is becoming more and more popular 
in the net, as well as that sort real-time pages.

I still believe that cacheing the whole page would solve the problem.
Why not?

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