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lynx-dev Loading images from "post" pages

From: Rubin R Aliev
Subject: lynx-dev Loading images from "post" pages
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 102 15:25:19 -0400 (EDT)

Hi again,

How does lynx handles images if they appear on a page produced by a "post" 

Say, i use  "-image_links" and click <enter> over an image-link. Lynx, in 
respose, supposed to go to that link, take picture and via an external viewer 
show it.
If this is correct, I wonder, what to do if a page is generated by a "post" 
method, i.e. it cannot be reloaded correctly, or, if reloaded it will contain 
different info/pictures. How lynx is supposed to handle this?

Maybe it is reasonable to have a switch like "-load_all", which forces to load
both text and all images to a temporary cache, and then clicking on the 
image-link, lynx will read from a local cache.

Is it possible? 

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