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Re: lynx-dev Loading images from "post" pages

From: Rubin R Aliev
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Loading images from "post" pages
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 102 16:47:45 -0400 (EDT)

> If the images are tied to the page, either the URL for the image should
> contain some function of the time, so that the correct version can
> be regenerated, or the site should generate a temporary image file at
> the same time as it generates the HTML, and include the URL to that,
> temporary, file in the HTML.  

--- Not neccessary. Imagine a page which shows a line "last temperature=100", 
and an image "temperature.gif", which shows temperature for last 10 seconds.
These are LATEST data, it would be crazy for developer to show timestamp in
the name of gif file. Thus, if temperature (and gif) changes each second,
lynx fails to show correct (syncronized)  line and picture. You right, no
relation to POST.

To summarize, i see at least three situations where a loading pictures
at the same time as text may required:

1) Slow connection, when page expire quickly.
2) not allowed to reload page or its part.
3) real time processes shown on page (like temperature from above example, 
or stock quotes mentioned).

If these situations are rare or not - difficult to say. The only clear: 
in the future the fashion on dynamic real time pages will grow up.

Adding a feature "-download_all_at_once" with proper cache would solve this.

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