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Re: lynx-dev Download indicator hogs my bandwidth

From: Mike Castle
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Download indicator hogs my bandwidth
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 10:01:38 -0700
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On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 08:55:12AM -0400, Pat Traynor wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Mike Castle wrote:
> > Perhaps an improper term{cap,lib} is forcing lynx to redraw the entire page
> > each time the spinner is updated.  I just did a script of a download of a
> > file that's of 58M.  The typescript file was 11K.  If I trim out all the
> > non-spinner stuff, it's 4K.
> I just ran the same test with the latest lynx, and the spinner updated
> FAR FAR less frequently than on the older version.  I think if I'd
> updated first, I might not have had a problem.  
> But I *still* like having it set at 2 seconds rather than 0.2.

Well, glad it's better for you then.  I had never noticed exactly how much
data was shoved out to the terminal during spinner updates like that, and
when I did do testing, it was against the latest version.

Looking at your typescript file, that is just plain ugly for all the

An my initial idea was definitely wrong.  It certain appears to be doing
the minimal screen updates.

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