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Re: lynx-dev Download indicator hogs my bandwidth

From: Patrick Ash
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Download indicator hogs my bandwidth
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:06:34 +0000

another thought to try, in addition to the change to the show_kb_rate
might be to use a program such as wget in the background if lynx has
been configured to allow the use of external programs. If so, a line
in your lynx.cfg file such as the following could do what you want. 

EXTERNAL:http:wget -q %s &:TRUE

The file will download in the background, and you will not have to
see the progress indicated. Another benefit will be that you can
continue to work via telnet without having to wait. Good luck. 


On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:26:56 -0400 (EDT), Pat Traynor wrote:

>This works great, except that while downloading a file, Lynx clicks off
>the number of bytes being downloaded via my telnet session.  It does
>this at such a high rate of speed that it's using up a considerable
>amount of my 24kbps bandwidth.
>Is there a way to either suppress this counting, or (even better),
>increase the increments to something higher?  Perhaps it could click off
>every 64k or something.

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