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lynx-dev patch: default colors

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev patch: default colors
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 23:51:54 -0500
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[ i continue to have problems getting my messages to lynx-dev:
TD, are you receiving the Cc's ?
i tried changing the From header to delete the initial `ppp-nn',
but the message still didn't make it during the course of today.
this is being sent via a different UoT PPP service.
i did succeed in getting replies from  address@hidden
with `help' & `who' requests & sent a message to `lynx-dev-approval',
but no reply so far to that either ]

the current debate re background colors is passing me by,
but i would like to suggest an improved default offering in  lynx.cfg .
after some experimentation, i've been trying it for daily newspaper reading
& find it gives a good balance of page effect vs readability of text.
it should be equally effective with a white or black/blue default background,
except for giving color `0' a white foreground in the latter case.
it is doubtful whether the current offering was the result of much thought.

--- /old/lynx.cfg       Tue Feb 27 17:50:52 2001
+++ /new/lynx.cfg       Sun Mar  4 01:05:52 2001
@@ -2784,15 +2635,14 @@
 # Uncomment and change any of the compilation defaults.
 # If built with a library that recognizes default colors, initializes it

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