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Keystroke logging (was Re: lynx-dev logging into

From: Michael Warner
Subject: Keystroke logging (was Re: lynx-dev logging into automatically?)
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 18:05:26 -0800 (PST)

--- Matt Ackeret <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Michael Warner wrote:
> >--- Matt Ackeret <address@hidden> wrote:
> >
> >        [...]
> >
> >> But is there some way I can automate the silly "login" and
> >> directly to my page of info?
> >
> >Check out the command-line options -cmd_log and -cmd_script. 
> >have to be compiled in, I think, not available by default.
> I guess they're not in mine since I did "lynx -help | grep
cmd" and
> didn't see anything.
> Can I find out about these on the web anywhere?

Tom put them into 2.8.4dev4.  They are a compile-time option.  I
this command-line info out of the dev4 patch:

       write keystroke commands and related information to
       the specified file.

       read  keystroke  commands  from the specified file.
       You can use the data  written  using  the  -cmd_log
       option.   Lynx  will ignore other information which
       the  command-logging  may  have  written   to   the

So, you'd use "lynx -cmd_log=XXX http://URL/OF/LOGIN/PAGE";, quit
lynx as
soon as you'd completed the login process, and on subsequent
use "lynx -cmd_script=XXX http://URL/OF/LOGIN/PAGE"; to replay
keystrokes and end up where you'd quit lynx in the first

Make sense?

I think this is a pretty cool feature, and played with it a
little bit
when it came out, but didn't have a practical use for it at the
and now don't even have a *nix-ish lynx to experiment with, so
pretty much told you all I know on the subject, alas.

> actually I guess it won't help much, but I was sort of hoping
I could
> make a *local* html file I could go to that would then "jump"
me to my
> resulting logged in state, or something like that -- that I
could use
> with several browsers.

^Trace your login, and /search the trace for the email address
you used
to log in.  You should find an URL that will be of interest...

> I realized last night I didn't check whether it simply made a
> for me.  If it does, maybe I can just make a non-expiring
cookie that
> will trick the site.

If you're set up to accept every cookie that comes down the
pike, the
aforementioned URL should do the trick, else-wise you might have
answer a prompt or two.  Elaborate trickery shouldn't be
required.  I'm
fairly ignorant on the subject of cookies, though, so caveat whomever.

Michael Warner

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