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lynx-dev Re: [PATCH 2.8.4dev.18] remove the gap

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: lynx-dev Re: [PATCH 2.8.4dev.18] remove the gap
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 22:34:36 -0500
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Henry wrote:

    I do not consider it "bogus."  To me it serves the purpose of
    *separating*, i.e., making distinct, the <TITLE> and <BODY>.  This is
    particularly important for documents which fit onto a single screen
    since these documents do not have a "(px of y)" appended.  Even with
    documents that are more than one "page" long, I find the line
    "comforting" since it gets me oriented at the top of the document.

    My "view" of Lynx is a single, 24-line screen presented by my terminal
    emulator.  I don't see any "frames."  Perhaps the title line needs to
    have the same attributes as the status line?  Anyway, in this as with
    some other of your modifications you assume that everyone sees Lynx
    the same as you do.

I think you are confused.  First, about your view of lynx.  It is not
a 24x80 screen.  You get a "window frame", and within it a window of
size 22x79 (assuming "advanced").  The two rows and the column eaten
by lynx contain lynx feedback on your document position.  The 22x79
window contains the chunk of the document.

The first line of the document is empty.  This is bogus, it makes a
certain amount of documents need unnecessary scrolling.  You say that
this line is *separating*.  It it were, it would appear on *any* view
of the document, not only when you did not scroll down.

You say that this is especially useful with 1-page documents because
of the way lynx shows the title line (though I cannot understand why).
So change the way lynx shows the title line.  And note that this patch
makes much more document to become 1-page documents.

About "title attributes".  It looks like you do not use styles,
otherwise you would have the title line already having different
attributes from the status line, *and* different attributes from the
body.  Maybe it is the time to switch to styles?  If not, then indeed
the lynx controls *should* be shown in different attributes than the
document itself.  Would it help you?  How are they shown now?


P.S.  a) I see that for documents without a title the "title line" is
         empty.  Should not we show the URL instead?

      b) Suppose that lynx can change the "window titlebar" of the
         current window (e.g., on X, Win*, or OS/2).  What should be
         shown in the "title line"?

         We could switch it off - but this will disable mouse
         navigation via the "Forward/Backward" buttons I added recently.

         We could show the URL there - but what is the point if it is
         now PASTEable by a keypress (is the shown URL of any use
         instead of cut&pasting?).

         Just show the title in the titlebar *and* immediately under
         it looks silly - though title bars have other uses, like the
         window navigation via the window lists etc.

      c) Consider (b) with lynx which may switch the display charset
         on the fly.  How to make it coabitate with the "URL or title
         in the titlebar"?  I assume the typical situation is that
         though you can change the charset of the TTY emulator, you
         cannot do the same with titlebar (since it is shown by a
         different application).

         How would one organize the logistic of translations to the
         charset of the titlebar?  At least on OS/2 it is easy to
         find this charset, but whether we *want* to do it?  

         Suppose that we show the title in the titlebar, and do not
         show it on the "title line".  Then the title line might have
         shown a very good rendering of the title (since the display
         charset of the window is switched to one similar to the
         charset of the document), but instead we show a very
         approximate rendering in the titlebar...  Anyone thinking of
         such matters already?

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