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[lwip-users] httpserver_raw and custom files in SD card

From: Emiliano Idà
Subject: [lwip-users] httpserver_raw and custom files in SD card
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 15:04:20 +0200

i'm doing experiments with httpserver_raw, version 1.4.1, which is in the contrib package of LWIP.
I'm using it in my datalogger project, based on Atmel UC3C microcontroller, and it works fine. I can connect from any browser, navigate through my pages and so on.

But i have a problem. I need, from my browser, to download some HUGE files which are stored in an SD card of my datalogger.
So i think i need to enable these options in fs.h:
(and, maybe)

And implement / modify some functions.
Has anyone used these options? 
Are there some guidelines in order to modify fs.c and access my custom files?
Are there some examples?
Thanks in advance,
Emiliano Idà

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