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Re: [lwip-devel] netif->flags: u8_t -> u16_t ?

From: Sylvain Rochet
Subject: Re: [lwip-devel] netif->flags: u8_t -> u16_t ?
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2015 20:50:02 +0100
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Hello Ivan,

On Tue, Feb 03, 2015 at 10:11:50AM -0700, Ivan Delamer wrote:
> Cool, I'll expand it then.
> BTW, there seem to be some flags that are unused:
> NETIF_FLAG_POINTTOPOINT: set by PPP but otherwise un-checked and unused

I agree, this flag is totally useless, this is actually the exact 
then this is obviously a PtP interface.

> NETIF_FLAG_DHCP: seems to have been replaced by struct dhcp *dhcp;
> field

Indeed, this one is only set and cleared, looks like we can get rid of 
this one as well.

> should we clean up or leave it?

NETIF_FLAG_POINTTOPOINT can be removed anytime, no one should have used 
this one in the past since it was only used by the PPP stack. This is 
probably a bit harmful for NETIF_FLAG_DHCP if it was used previously 
like a dhcp_start() flag.

> Also, agree with Simon on IPv6 being optional. Although there has
> also been a request for IPv4 be made optional and I can see use
> cases for this, especially considering 6LowPAN WSNs (which I'm
> working on right now)

YES ! :)


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