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Re: Suggestions for utilizing Lout's SF account

From: Mark Summerfield
Subject: Re: Suggestions for utilizing Lout's SF account
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 17:45:07 +0000
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On 2008-02-22, KHMan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Good news! Valeriy has adjusted the list of SF admins and I now
> have admin status. So now I open to the floor for discussion.
> Very recent changes temporary (SF):
> (a) "Web Site" now pointed to http://www.qtrac.eu/lout.html

I think the redirect should be to 


and not to my site.

I only created my page when I found the original out of date and hadn't
found yours:-)

I have now changed my site to only have links to
and to Jeff's site.

> (b) http://lout.sourceforge.net/ now also redirects there
> (c) Old wiki renamed to http://lout.sourceforge.net/index_ORIG.php
> What I have been doing on SF:
> (a) Mirror source releases on SF (Lout is also mirrored by CTAN; I
> download from CTAN as I seem to be blocked by Jeff's ftp server)
> (b) Basic Win32 binaries
> (c) Basic PS and PDF document set
> Generally, I spend an hour or so doing the above for each release,
> so the manpower I can put in is limited (but pretty sustainable).
> What we need (big items):
> (a) More admins, we need personnel redundancy

I have a sourceforge account and would be willing if you tell me what to
do---like you I'm v. busy, but I don't mind helping out each time
there's a release.

> (b) A more permanent website, informative yet maintainable, at SF
> or at Jeff's site or at Mark's site?

I'd prefer SF or Jeff's site (although his is often slow), but I'm happy
to keep the _current_ release on mine if that's helpful and to keep it
up to date.

> For (b), any ideas? I leave it to someone here to take it up. I
> have my doubts about a wiki, but it really depends on how much
> effort we can expend on maintenance in the long term. If we make
> plans, can we sustain the effort?

I'm not convinced a wiki is sustainable; we seem to find the mailing
list works well enough. One thing that would be nice is somewhere to put
ideas for others to share (e.g., useful defs and macros).

Thanks for all you've done---and are doing!

Mark Summerfield, Qtrac Ltd., www.qtrac.eu

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