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Re: page numbering and script-generated lout

From: Reimer Behrends
Subject: Re: page numbering and script-generated lout
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 12:42:34 -0400
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On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 08:26:38AM -0600, SoftwareSolutions.Net wrote:
> Hi Joe - thank you very much for the response.  
> However, need to clarify a couple of things:
> Yes, the last.page tag is supposed to be added automatically - but it is an
> indexing or cross reference tag - so that has to be turned on in lout.  I
> should mention I am using a little earlier version of lout because the
> final output is PDF - I think version 3.21

I don't recall when last.page was introduced. However, it is defined in

    def @PageList
        named @ColumnNumber {}
        named @PageHeaders {}
        named extra { No }
        named @Orient {}
        named @AtTop { @Null }
        right @FirstPageNum
        @PageHeaders @Case {
            { None Simple } @Yield @SimplePageList
                  @ColumnNumber { @ColumnNumber }
                  @PageHeaders { @PageHeaders }
                  @Orient { @Orient }
                  extra { extra }
                  @AtTop { @AtTop }
            { Running Titles NoTitles } @Yield @RunningPageList
                  @ColumnNumber { @ColumnNumber }
                  @PageHeaders { @PageHeaders }
                  @Orient { @Orient }
                  extra { extra }
                  @AtTop { @AtTop }
        @PageMark last.page

I seem to recall there was a minor issue with just inserting "@PageMark
last.page" after the last line of text in your own file, but I may be
wrong. If I'm wrong, this should be an easy stopgap measure.

> I tried every possible variation of the header/footer tag you suggested,
> but always end up with Page X of ?? - meaning the last.page tag was not
> being found/used by lout - so I think the indexing is turned off somehow.
> Is anyone familiar with the lout -s and the lout -x options.  The script
> that calls lout uses the -s option - which might turn indexing off - but I
> removed that call and retested with the same results.  The lout -x is
> mentioned in the docs for initializing lout and/or the indexing system?

Using "lout -s" will turn off the cross reference database (which is
kept in the *.ld and lout.li files). Therefore, things that depend on
the cross reference database (such as section numbering), but also
@PageMark will not work if you use the -s option. You should not use
"lout -x". It sets up the hyphenation dictionaries (and possibly other
stuff that I don't recall right now) during the installation of lout.

> I deleted the old .ld and .li files as you suggested to see if lout would
> regenerate them - but that broke it completely - restoring the old files
> from a backup now.

As mentioned above, the *.ld and lout.li files contain the cross
reference information. Running lout without the -s option _should_
recreate them from scratch (if not, something else is wrong).


                        Reimer Behrends

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