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Re: page numbering and script-generated lout

From: SoftwareSolutions.Net
Subject: Re: page numbering and script-generated lout
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:26:38 -0600

Hi Joe - thank you very much for the response.  

However, need to clarify a couple of things:

Yes, the last.page tag is supposed to be added automatically - but it is an
indexing or cross reference tag - so that has to be turned on in lout.  I
should mention I am using a little earlier version of lout because the
final output is PDF - I think version 3.21

I tried every possible variation of the header/footer tag you suggested,
but always end up with Page X of ?? - meaning the last.page tag was not
being found/used by lout - so I think the indexing is turned off somehow.

Is anyone familiar with the lout -s and the lout -x options.  The script
that calls lout uses the -s option - which might turn indexing off - but I
removed that call and retested with the same results.  The lout -x is
mentioned in the docs for initializing lout and/or the indexing system?

I deleted the old .ld and .li files as you suggested to see if lout would
regenerate them - but that broke it completely - restoring the old files
from a backup now.

*I took a quick look in the User Guide for Lout 3.29. On page 48, it
*describes a predefined tag called last.page. If you use the command
address@hidden {last.page}, the result is the last page of the document. To
*have lout list the page numbers as "Page x of y", I think you should
*edit the doc setup file (or whatever setup file you are using) and
*change some of the entries in the headers section. For example, if you
*are using "Simple" headers, I think you could do something like:

*For my installation of Lout, the cross-referencing happens by default.
*However, it can take Lout more than one pass to get everything
*cross-referenced. Typically, if I view the postscript and there are ? in
*places where there should be page numbers or something, I run lout a few
*more times and they get resolved. Depending on your setup, you may need
*to remove the old lout.li and *.ld files to give lout a fresh start
*after you have changed the markup file substantially. I don't know the
*specifics of when you need to do that, I just do it if there are
*problems showing up in the postscript. People who are more familiar with
*the lout internals could probably say something more meaningful about
*Joe Beach

T.J. Walker
President, SSNet, Inc.

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