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Re : page numbering and script-generated lout

From: Eric Boucharé
Subject: Re : page numbering and script-generated lout
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 12:12:28 +0200


Here is an example with a modified setup file for ordinary documents "doc". I 
have changed the lines :

   @OddTop              { @Null } # Simple page headers
   @OddFoot             { @address@hidden "/" @PageOf last.page}                
   @EvenTop             { @Null }
   @EvenFoot            { @address@hidden "/" @PageOf last.page}                
   @StartOddTop { @Null                 }
   @StartOddFoot        { @address@hidden "/" @PageOf last.page}                
   @StartEvenTop        { @Null                 }
   @StartEvenFoot       address@hidden@PageNum "/" @PageOf last.page}           

The example document is "td"

@Include {doc}

        @InitialFont {Helvetica Base 10p}

@Text @Begin
@FullWidthRule // @D @B {TD n°14} // @FullWidthRule

@DP @B{Exercice 1 :}
@NP @B{Exercice 2 :}
@NP @B{Exercice 3 :}
@End @Text

It takes two runs in a terminal to produce the postscript output with 
lout-3.29. Here is the xterm session I used

bash-2.05b$ lout td>td.ps
lout file "doc" (from "td" line 1):
  224,41: unresolved cross reference @PageMarker&&last.page
  222,38: unresolved cross reference @PageMarker&&last.page
  220,37: unresolved cross reference @PageMarker&&last.page
bash-2.05b$ lout td>td.ps
bash-2.05b$ ps2pdf td.ps
bash-2.05b$ xpdf td.pdf

The 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 page numbers have been generated.

I join the example and the postscript output after the two runs. I hope this 
will help you.


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