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Re: margins for figure captions

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: margins for figure captions
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 21:24:23 +1100

> Hm.. I can't find anything in the documentation about @RawDisplay - how
> would I set its margins?
> Thanks
> Ben

Even if you could find the answer to this question, you would be
setting the margins on all your displays, which does not sound
right.  This is where a bit of knowledge of raw Lout comes in
handy.  I suggest

    @FigureCaptionFormat {
        |0.5i address@hidden word @NumSep number. &2s }} @Insert caption |0.5i

for 0.5-inch indents on each side of the caption.

You can get the same effect with @RawQuotedDisplay:

    @FigureCaptionFormat {
        @RawQuotedDisplay { address@hidden word @NumSep number. &2s }} @Insert 
caption }

In that case the amount of indenting will be as for indented and
quoted displays; it is the value of @DisplayIndent, a setup file
option, whose default value is 2.0f.  But, as I say, you might
prefer a caption format unrelated to the display format, and in
that case the raw Lout will be the way to go.

Jeff Kingston

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